3 Basic Pillars


With our powerful DIAGNOSIS tools, we monitor performance, detecting and improving key processes, and eliminating WASTE in those that affect business profitability.


5S, SMED, TPM, Just-In-Time, Jidoka, Kanban, OEE, Kobetsu Kaizen®, Shop-Floor Management, KPI, Decision Matrix, Efficient Problem Solving, Standardization and Visual Management, Ishikawa, 5 Why análisis, Best Practices,…


Our HUMANISTIC understanding of organisations, helps us create accurate Lean implementation programs, where EMPOWERMENT is the key concept to success.


Lean Coaching, Executive Coaching, Gemba Kanri, Human Resources function, 8th MUDA Management, Human Development, 360º bottom-up overview, Mentoring plans, D.I.L.O., time and e-mail management, efficient meetings, standard agenda…


We help our customers to create and follow an internal and external PROFITABLE strategy where everyone is focussed to protect the one and only boss: the CUSTOMER.


Hoshin Kanri, Mission, Vision and Values, Value Stream Mapping, Kaizen Bursts, PDCA Road Map, SWOT analysis, TQM, QFD, Geographic responsibility, COPIL, Strategic Committee, Lean Service, Lean Office, Lean Management, …