Lean + Empowerment = SUCCESS

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Unfortunately, many Lean projects get stalled or do not move along at the desired pace. At such times the faith and credibility in the Lean model is lost, and organisations come back to traditional thinking.

The key to success is always in people; Personal development is the most difficult part of business management because we are imperfect beings, with an immense capacity to generate emotions and keep in moods that do not help the progress.

Human Resources departments have the mission to promote the personal development of all employees. Tools such as Coaching or Mentoring should be incorporated in the list of requirements to any manager of the organisation.

Vasos comunicantes - pequeño

Lean is fantastic and exciting when it catches you, but can be also very disappointing when implementation is badly executed.

The image of communicating vessels describes what we promote in Valverde Consultores: Lean activities must always be implemented simultaneously with human development tolls.

‘Empowerment’ is a concept well developed in the Anglo world, but it comes to Spain with ‘the standard delay “of about 20-30 years.

Respect, transparency, listening, empathy are realities in such companies where Empowerment is developed.

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