We guarantee improvements

Valverde Consultores is a management consulting firm with a 25 year experience backgound in industrial and international environments.

We are passionate about LEAN MANAGEMENT, and firmly defend the concepts of humanism that contributes to real change in organizations.

We acknowledge and respect all the efforts accomplished by our customers in the past, but we also understand there are efficient MANAGEMENT MODELS that can be applied to their organisations; OUR GOAL is to implement them.

Our ADDED VALUE is our high capacity to diagnose the performance of organisations, and our ability to adapt the Lean model to the values and particularities of each customer.

Our HUMANISTIC understanding of organisations helps us to create powerful and achievable human-oriented CHANGE PROCESSES

In our VISION, within 5 years, Valverde Consultores will become a REFERENCE in the spanish management consulting market, and will be part of a leading INTERNATIONAL consulting network.



Our mission is to create WEALTH in the society where we operate, developping PEOPLE and increasing PROFITS of our customers.



We are PASSIONATE with what we do and WORK HARD. We defend HONESTY and TRUST.